Monday, 16 April 2012

Mittal Groups

Coal Business  Coal Business

R.K. Trading co. & UK Trading Co. as a group is a professionally managed organization engaged in the supplying & trading of fuel coal in all grades.

With strong sharing network & strategy located branched, we have been offering unmatched require speciation of steam or stock coal. Mittal Groups

From Mohit minerals

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WordPress Tips 5 Good Reasons To Buy A Premium Theme

Good Reasons To Buy A Premium Theme

WordPress is the blogging platform favored by a rapidly growing number of bloggers and online business owners.WordPress is free, which is part of it's appeal, as are many of the enhancements that can be installed to change the look and function of WordPress, including WordPress themes.However, although there are hundreds of free WordPress themes that you can download and use quite easily, sometimes it's wise to invest in a premium theme instead. Why? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Customization

The best premium themes are far more customizable than the best free themes. If you want to have the most options for design and search engine optimization without having to learn HTML backwards and forwards, a good premium theme is definitely your best choice.

2. Support

It's common for the developers of free themes to offer very limited support. And sometimes they offer no support at all. The developers of the best premium themes have more incentive to offer support and will usually have both detailed instructions that are updated frequently and an active user forum. Even the best themes can have technical glitches from time to time, so good support is essential when using any WordPress theme.
3. Updates
There is also less incentive for developers of free themes to fix bugs and update their theme when WordPress goes through one of it's many upgrades. Sometimes they'll stop offering the theme altogether. Purchasing a good premium theme will usually give you a lifetime of bug fixes and updates so any issues with be corrected in a timely way.
4. Quality
There are very few free themes that come close to the quality of the best premium themes. Everything from design elements to search engine optimization is covered by a good premium theme.
5. No unwanted adware
Free themes sometimes contain hidden code that inserts ads or other things that benefit the theme's creator instead of you. The best premium themes do not have adware and often you can purchase a license to remove the companies' logo, etc. so you can 'brand' your site and your client's sites as your own.While there are good free themes available and honorable developers, the 5 advantages of using a good premium theme should be taken into consideration. If you want to create a blog that will hold up well over time and give you the most flexibility and options, the best premium themes are definitely your best bet.
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Tuesday, 4 October 2011



Advanced Theme Control Panel - 5 Color Styles - Layered PSDs – HTML Files – Detailed Documentation
“Aquatic” is available for FREE to “Themes Passport” members.
Please follow the given navigation below to browse the amazing WordPress theme features and the full DEMO.


The General Settings tab gives you the freedom to manage the basic aspects of your theme. This is where to look to choose a new pre-made color scheme, layout of items such as your blog, non-blog style preferred look, control your featured articles display, and much more.
This tab allows you to control the size of, or enable/disable, thumbnails on pages and posts with ease. This is also where to look to enable and disable commenting on either blog posts or pages within the theme. Information provided in the post-info section can be modified through this tab.
This shortcode allows the user to quickly add toggled content to a blog. The code is versatile enough to accept any type of content. The user may set whether or not the information is set to toggled open or closed on initial load.
Using third party scripts with a theme is accomplished by adding it through the Integration Tab. The user does not need to try and code these things into the webpage itself. Adding the requisite information to the body integration field will allow the theme to use it. This is useful for tracking utilities like Google Analytics.
This themes panel allows you to input a destination URL and banner URL for each advertisement. They can then be toggled on or off at your convenience. Many themes come with an available 468×60 and 728×90 slot. Available slots may vary depending on the layout of the theme.
The theme panel provides easy access to all meta information of your webpage, which is all important for SEO. Attach meta titles, descriptions, and keywords to each section of the theme. Enabling canonical URL’s allows you to avoid duplicate content filters.
The support documentation is available under this tab. Included is the readme for the theme, troubleshooting guides, and installation instructions. Links are also included to various video tutorials to help you get your theme set up.
Many themes offered by other websites do not offer an easy way to set up unique and interesting layouts. Themestore’s use of shortcodes with our themes gives members the option to create a unique, interesting layout without needing extensive coding knowledge. A variety of options are available to truly make your blog an unique and impressionable experience for a reader.
This collection of shortcodes is further supplemented with functional support in the WordPress text editor. A mouse click is all you need to get that shortcode in place and working for you. No need to worry about typos or backtracking when a simple click will accomplish what you need.

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Plump Your Pout: 5 Tricks for Full Lips

Stout Your Pout: 5 Tricks for Full Lips
Diminish, charming, and increase your backtalk with these expert tricks.
By Gwen Flamberg
Flush if you weren’t born with Angelina’s stout pout, you can get the look of her full, luscious lips, no needles vital. “There are tons of nifty small makeup tricks and collagen-boosting harvest with the intention of can produce the appearance of extensiveness,” says Shannon Grey Williams, a makeup artist in New York City. Here, five fail-safe ways to maximize your backtalk.
Exfoliating removes dead skin while stimulating blood tide to the lips. “You’ll get a rosy, juicier-looking backtalk with the intention of looks fantastic untouched or with a slick of gloss,” says celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green. To get the look, try one of the new lip scrubs, such as Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Vegetation and Facial, $15; or massage your lips with a soft toothbrush and Vaseline. But keep sloughing to solely once a week. “The skin on your lips is superfluous-sensitive and doesn’t regenerate as promptly as facial skin,” cautions Fredric Brandt, MD, a dermatologist in Miami and New York City.
Apply a lip behavior with the intention of contains unique plumping ingredients at least double a day. Too Faced Lip Injection Intensive Plumping Lip Mask, $29.50, contains vitamin A; Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Lip Shaper, $28, has the companionship’s own “HydraBuild” Complex and vitamins C and E. As a bonus, both of these formulas also control hyaluronic acid, a powerful untreated humectant with the intention of binds fill up to lips for a puffier look.
Smack on a “plumping” gloss. Many control spices such as cinnamon or black interrupt to slightly irritate lips and make skin swell. You may find with the intention of they tingle or flush sting, but experts agree there’s no danger of long-stretch ache. “Apply as much as you can take — this selection sure beats the pain you get from a needle,” says Williams.
Choose light shades finished darker ones. “It’s vital affect theory: Light things appear to be magnified,” says Williams.
Top lip affect with a dot of apparent gloss in the crucial point of your top and underside lips. “Adding a reflective quality to the summit points of your lips makes a 3-D look for a poutier appearance,” says Green. To make your pout pop flush more, brush light auburn eye shadow along the advantage of your upper lip with a tiny brush, says Wende Zomnir, executive creative director of Urban Decay Blusher. Most women have a larger underside lip, and this ploy helps make proportion.

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lip Plump Reviews

Lip plumper harvest are certainly a product of the 21st century.   I solely aspire to know, where were these precious things in trade when I really needed them, when I craved the bee stung lips of the babe of the moment in the nineties, Kim Basinger? But oh well, they’re here now, and I’m going to produce your reviews of every lip plumper I’ve tried, and tell you how I liked them.  Step finished Angelina!
If you notice, there is also a brand rapid new product, called Deity Lips, which I have yet to try, but honestly I’m dying to try it and see if it works, the experimentalist with the intention of I am!  With nonstop use, it is supposed to make your lips noticeably fuller and plumped.  I’ll soon have a review for you on this one too…..
There is also a additional product released by the Lip Fusion family tree of lip plumping lip enhancers, called Lip Fusion XL, which sorry to say I place of safeguard’t tried yet, but it’s supposed to be sweet excellent too, although some reviews seem mixed on whether it’s really value the superfluous cash it costs (it’s a small more than traditional Lip Fusion).
I’m going to start off telling you about the absolute preeminent lip plumper product there is, which I have used a couple tubes of already and am absolutely addicted to, Lip Fusion.See More Lip Fusion Reviews : OK, Lip Fusion is certainly the preeminent lip plumper I have ever used, and not only in check over of the fact with the intention of I can feel my lips really stout up a small, but also in check over of the fact with the intention of it is the preeminent, stopover place lip moisturizer with the intention of I’ve ever used in my life.  I’m what you call a chapstick stubborn.
I have to apply chapstick or some type of lip balm every ten minutes, for dread my lips will dry out and crack and look terrible.  In check over of the fact with the intention of I’ve been using Lip Fusion, my lips stopover moisturized well beyond any time they would with any ordinary lip product – whether it’s a lip enhancement product or not!  I be fond of the super moist and slightly glossy look Lip Fusion gives my lips too.
It’s very sexy and very nourishing, not covered with glue looking or glittery, solely very feminine and sweet.  In small, Lip Fusion gets five stars from me in the lip stout review department.  Only drawback is I wish it would come not effective in price a bit.  I reckon it discourages ladies from buying it, in check over of the fact with the intention of it is a $40 investment.  But well value it, if you question me.
Lip Venom – OK, I have rank of a mixed review about the Lip Venom lip stout product.  I be fond of the look with the intention of Lip Venom gives, but cannot stand the burning and drying out look the product has on my lips.  I also did not be fond of how tiny the actual tube of Lip Venom was, I thought it was kind of a rip off.
At least with Lip Fusion, I felt I was getting a lot of product.  Also, the Lip venom container is set up so with the intention of the brush does not reach all the way to the underside of the schooner cylinder container, so you are in the end mandatory to waste precious, expensive product, which sucks.
Overall, Lip Venom gives a fantastic shine and a noticeable pinkness and flushing, but it fades very promptly and dries the lips out more than I would have liked.  An exceptional temporary plumper though.
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Now our online beautician tells the readers of this beauty magazine about pedicure at home with some simple but effective steps. Pedicure is a way to increase the look of the feet and toe nails. We accept well groomed feet contribute much to our overall beauty, look and are the preeminent road sign to how well we see with ourselves. The speech pedicure refers to rapid cosmetic behavior of the feet and toenails and comes from the Latin terms pedis, which means “of the foot,” and cura, which means, “care.”  Foot care always takes a in trade seat when it comes to grooming and beauty treatments. A pedicure can aid hinder nail diseases and nail disorders. Pedicures are not solely limited to nails; usually dead skin cells on the underside of feet are rubbed off using a rough stone said polishing stone.
Resembling in some in the nails on your hand the nails on your feet too require to be full care of. You can produce physically a pedicure at home. Some steps are given below as a beauty tip for girls and women in home.
Before you start, collect the following things together:
  • A tub of hot-warm fill up, apply small shampoo in it.
  • nail-gather in a line
  • orange stab
  • pumice stone
  • Massage cream
  • nail-clippers
  • cotton skin
    1. Sit straightforwardly and smoothly, placing your feet on a footstool.
    2. Clip your toenails honest and retain them small. Toenails don’t look excellent when kept long.
    3. Charming not effective any rough edges using a triple cut steel gather in a line. Gather in a line in same honest direction.
    4. With a polishing stone, charming gone any rough skin, with wet owing to the feet for 15 minutes in soapy fill up.
    5. Apply cream on each toenail and bring about it into cuticles with an orange stab, easing the skin gone from the nails, don’t use any steep tools.
    6. Make dry a magnanimous amount of cream all finished the feet in charming upward strokes.
    7. Your toenails are now equipped to be painted.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lip Reduction Surgery| Cheiloplasty for Enhancing the Look of the Lips

Lip Reduction Surgery
Lip reduction surgery is the common language used for cheiloplasty.
Cheiloplasty or lip reduction is  surgery of the lip for the purpose of enhancing the look of the lip.
It includes lip reduction, the administer of surgically reducing the size of the lip or lips in order to reduce the appearance of abnormally large or protruding lips and the administer of forming an artificial tip or part of the lips by using a piece of healthy tissue from some neighboring part. The course of action can also be performed to enhance the upper and lower lip for persons who wish to make their lips permanently better.

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